Fearless Golf Academy DVD

fearless-dvdDr. Gio Valiante believes every golfer has the capability to develop the courage required to play “Fearless Golf,” under even the most extreme pressure. Dr. Valiante has trained the minds of the best golfers in the world, and the results speak for themselves… over thirty victories on four worldwide tours. Up until now, the Fearless Golf Academy has been reserved for PGA Tour players and Major Champions.

Now, Dr. Valiante has created a training system that replicates what it would be like for you to go one on one with the world’s leading mind coach. In this academy Dr. Valiante will instruct you to focus your attention, compete against others, maintain your composure, take control over your own confidence, and to be clutch…just like his professional clients.

With insights from PGA Tour winners such as Camilo Villegas, Stuart Appleby, and Chris Dimarco you will be instructed, entertained, and motivated to play Fearless Golf!

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