Executive Business and Organization Excellence

Dr. Valiante has a proven track record of working with individuals and teams in different sectors including banking, finance, technology, wholesale distribution, and health care. He serves as executive coach to several CEO’s of companies ranging from $400m annual revenue to $7billion, and works on a quarterly basis with sales teams whose revenues exceed $100m annually. The same principles and processes that make his golfers such fearless competitors transfer to business to enable individuals and teams to navigate the complex world of business with a focus on personal development, interpersonal excellence, and the relentless pursuit of targeted goals.

Where applicable his work includes group motivational talks (25-1,500 people), goal setting for executive and sales teams, individual one-on-one work with leadership or key employees.

(Business and Executive references available upon request.)

Dr. Gio worked closely with senior leadership to understand our challenges, then delivered a stellar message that recharged my organization going into 2015. He has continued to follow up, and I’ve noticed a change in my organizations energy and mission to succeed!
Chuck Latham, CEO CLA Associates


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